State & Private Forestry

Encompassing two-thirds of America’s forests, state and privately owned lands provide public benefits such as clean air, clean water, wildlife habitat, outdoor recreation, and the majority of the nation’s wood supply.

The management of these lands is vital to our nation’s health and economy. State Foresters have the primary authority to help local governments and America's nearly 22 million family forest landowners manage and protect state and private forests under a wide variety of goals and circumstances.

The State and Private Forestry (S&PF) organization of the USDA Forest Service works directly with state forestry agencies to ensure that forest landowners have the best technical, educational, and financial assistance available to help them achieve their objectives in an environmentally beneficial way. 

This federal investment leverages the capacity of State Foresters and their partners to manage state and private lands and produce ecological, social and economic benefits for the American people.