What is a “working forest”?
Forests in public and private ownership provide many benefits to human beings, including timber, wildlife habitat, recreation opportunities, food and medicine sources, places for endangered and threatened plants and animals, clean water, healthy soils, aesthetic beauty, a source of spirituality, oxygen, temperature and humidity modification, and carbon storage.

A “working forest” can be managed to enhance specific benefits and generate jobs and other financial resources for families, communities and rural and regional economies. Working forests enable forest owners to keep these forests intact and prevent them from being converted to other uses.

Learn more by visiting http://aworkingforest.com and watching the film, A Working Forest.

I have a question about trees on my property or in my neighborhood. Who should I contact?
Your state forestry agency can connect you with a local forestry professional for guidance on the health, value, and availability of trees in your area. Visit the About NASF page for contact information.

How can I obtain a grant for my local fire department?
Volunteer Fire Assistance (VFA) is a federal grant program that provides funds for fire equipment, training, and initial fire department organization to fire departments serving small communities under 10,000 in population. VFA grants are administered directly through state agencies—not through NASF. To apply for a VFA grant, contact your state forestry agency. Visit the About NASF page for contact information.

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