The New Farm Bill

Farm Bill

NASF is a founding member of the Forests in the Farm Bill Coalition, a diverse group of conservation, forest landowner, industry, academia, and community organizations. First forming in preparation for the 2008 Farm Bill, the coalition joined forces again to ensure forests have a seat at the table in the 2012 Farm Bill reauthorization process. 

The 2008 Farm Bill added new opportunities to increase conservation and improve management of private forests. Congress affirmed forests' importance to America's economic vitality and quality of life and put forest conservation on par with agriculture land conservation. These investments in private forests for the public good were a strong beginning. Since enactment of the 2008 bill, funding has supported such projects as wildlife habitat improvement, water quality improvement, carbon sequestration, wetlands restoration, insect and disease mitigation, prescribed burning, reforestation, windbreak plantings, and firebreaks that improved the health of America's private forests.

View the Farm Bill Crosswalk to see how the House and Senate Agriculture Committee versions compared to NASF Farm Bill recommendations.

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