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Give Your Trees a Deep Drink During Hot Weather

The weather forecast is calling for high temperatures around most of Oregon through the weekend and even into the middle of next week. It’s a time to keep fire prevention uppermost in our minds, and also, to remember to protect the health of trees in yards and landscapes by deeply watering them.

Vermont Produces Guide on Adapting Forests to Climate Change

The Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation released a guidebook last month on adapting forests for climate changes.
The guidebook, titled "Creating and Maintaining Resilient Forests in Vermont: Adapting Forests to Climate Change," was written with the purpose of supplementing current forest management planning and practices with forest-adaptation strategies that are more relevant to the current climate change trends and projections.

Wildfire Disaster Funding Act Advocacy Day

On June 17, NASF staff participated in the Wildfire Disaster Funding Act (WDFA) Advocacy Day in the House of Representatives. NASF joined allied organizations belonging to the Partner Caucus on Fire Suppression Funding Solutions, formed in 2009, to meet with nearly 70 House offices and seek their support for the WDFA (H.R. 167). In addition to NASF, partners including the Society of American Foresters, American Forests, American Forest Foundation, Western Governors Association, the Federal Forest Resource Coalition, and The Nature Conservancy were represented.

Importance of Rhode Island's Forest Based Economy

The trees and forests have been a pivotal resource for Rhode Island since the first European settlers built their homes. “The Economic Importance of Rhode Island’s Forest Based Economy” provides a brief summary of this valued asset. This summary outlines the hard numbers in dollars, but Rhode Island’s forests offer far more than that. In the past few decades, benefits from trees and forests have taken on new values, cleaning air and water, reducing storm water runoff, climate mitigation and carbon sequestration just to mention a few. 

Black Walnut Farm Tour to Highlight Kansas Field Day

A tour of the International Forest of Friendship, a walk through a seven-acre, 15- to 17-year-old black walnut plantation and a visit to the American Walnut Company's mill are some of the highlights of the 2015 Walnut Council Field Day scheduled for June 10 in Atchison, Kan. The day also includes a St. Joseph, Mo., company tour.

Invasive Bush Honeysuckle Proves Difficult to Eradicate

Bush honeysuckle is a serious threat to Missouri landowners. Originally planted in urban areas, it is spreading to the Missouri countryside and strangling native plants and trees. “A lot of folks I initially talk to like it because it provides a ‘nice’ privacy screen … until a few years later and then they cannot even walk through their woodlands or yards anymore,” observed Hank Stelzer, of the University of Missouri’s Cooperative Extension Service.

University of Maryland Extension Offers General Forestry Course

Save the date: The University of Maryland Extension will offer the General Forestry Course for the Fall 2015 semester. Both the PAPER AND ONLINE version will be offered.  The course begins September 1 and runs until December 15, 2015. 

Registration opens July 1. To register visit


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