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USDA Forest Service exceeds yearly forest restoration goals

The USDA Forest Service (USFS) announced that it exceeded its forest restoration goals for Fiscal Year 2014, highlighting the agency’s continued commitment to improving the health of the America’s National Forests, reducing the threat of catastrophic wildfire, and protecting watersheds. 

#GivingTuesday: How You Can Get Involved with Forests in your Community

On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, NASF will be a part of a celebration.

You've heard of Black Friday and you've maybe surfed the web on Cyber Monday.

Designated Giving Tuesday, 12/2 is a day dedicated to giving back.

#GivingTuesday is a special call to action and creates a national day of giving around the annual shopping and spending season to inspire giving every day.

It's a worldwide movement to celebrate giving and kick-off the end-of-year holiday season. #GivingTuesday celebrates giving by continuing a conversation about ways to give more this time of year.

Arkansas State Forester Preserving Oak Trees through Forest Action Plan

Students often have bright ideas for the future, and sometimes that takes the form of preserving our wooded past. On the south west edge of Fayetteville, Arkansas rests Mount Kessler, a favored spot for hiking and mountain bikers. Filled with rocky formations reminiscent of Gettysburg’s Devil’s Den and covered in a woody hillside, the hillside can look like something from another age. As one graduate student’s research confirmed, some of Mount Kessler’s oak trees are indeed something from a bygone era.

Aspens in Arizona’s Higher Elevations on the Decline

In recent decades, the number of aspens in Arizona’s higher elevations has declined sharply. A 2001 study by the USDA Forest Service said that Arizona has seen a 96 percent decline in aspen acreage since 1900, the largest by far among states with significant aspen populations.

Mary Lou Fairweather, a Flagstaff-based forest pathologist for the Forest Service, said the decline has intensified in recent years.

“The last couple decades there was more of a concern because we had this huge mortality event that was totally tied to the drought in 2002-2003,” she said.

Tips for Protecting Trees and Shrubs in Vermont

If you live in the northeast, here are some tree health tips from the Vermont Garden Journal: 

Most garden plants have gone dormant for the season in Vermont, and its important to protect your trees and shrubs.

It's Arbor Day in Texas

Today is Texas Arbor Day, and it's during the best time of year to plant trees across Texas.

The first Texas Arbor Day was observed in 1889, celebrating the benefits that trees provide over a lifetime. To plant trees this weekend, Texans should select trees that are well-suited to a site. The mature size of a tree should be considered. Bear in mind that while you may plant a tree on your property, years later, it may affect neighboring property, sidewalks or streets.

Harley-Davidson Sets Goal to Plant 50 Million Trees

Harley-Davidson® and The Nature Conservancy are mobilizing the company's global community of riders to raise funds to plant 50 million trees worldwide by 2025 as part of the Renew the Ride™ initiative.

Dedicated to the goal of preserving the open road for future generations of riders, Renew the Ride is the latest global mission and call to action for Harley-Davidson riders. The Harley-Davidson Foundation has committed to contributing a series of annual grants totaling $550,000 in support of The Nature Conservancy’s global Plant a Billion Trees program.

New Jersey’s trees still vulnerable two years after Hurricane Sandy

Two years ago this week, Hurricane Sandy ravaged New Jersey with a force not experienced here in a century, and the devastation it caused to coastal areas was the subject of local and national news for weeks and months after.

Biennial Longleaf Pine Conference Held this Week

The 10th Biennial Longleaf Conference, Ninth annual Eastern Native Grass Symposium and Prescribed Fire Council Gathering was held in Alabama this week.

The joint conference and symposium hosted those who manage or restore longleaf pine ecosystems and the grasslands that occur across the eastern United States. 

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Larger Sequoias Showing Signs of Drought Stress

Research ecologist Nathan Stephenson crawled around magnificent Giant Forest, checking young giant sequoias for damage from California’s three-year drought.

Instead of stressed-out plants, he found young trees that looked pretty happy, he said. But at some point, he glanced upward and saw something startling.


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