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Wisconsin State of the Birds report highlights successes

The 2014 Wisconsin State of the Birds report highlights successful partnerships, conservation efforts and their positive impacts to bird species throughout the state.

The Wisconsin State of the Birds Report contains excerpts from the State of the Birds Report, which is a national overview of the conservation status of birds in the United States issued by the U.S. committee of the North American Bird Conservation Initiative. It estimates population trends for birds grouped by broad habitat categories and shows how the trends have changed in recent years.

Learn About The Dark-Eyed Junco

What is the most common bird seen at bird feeders throughout North America in winter?

 If you guessed juncos, you're probably one of a large number of birders and bird feeder watchers who enjoy seeing this small visitor from the north make its annual winter visits to the Ozarks.

Fort Stewart Replaces Trees Honoring Fallen Soldiers

In the decade since this Army post in southeast Georgia began planting trees to honor each of its soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, the living memorial known as Warriors Walk has become hallowed ground where friends and families remember the fallen and visiting dignitaries, including a president, come to pay respects.

A Look Back at 2014: 10 of Our Favorite Forest Photographs

With support from the NASF Foundation, Leslie Robertson of Illinois spent five weeks in the woods.

Robertson documented the theme "Working Forests Work" throughout California, Florida, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Minnesota. This unique project is an opportunity to help tell the story of America’s working forests through the professionals who work in them. We wanted to share 10 of our favorite photographs from our 2014 NASF Foundation photography fellow Leslie Robertson. 

Narrowing it down was not easy!

Hot Debate: Stack Firewood Bark Up or Bark Down?

When you stack firewood, do you store it bark-side up or down? It depends, say some experts.

If split wood is stored outdoors, stacking it with the bark side down can allow water to collect in the u-shaped trough. This moisture retention can prolong drying and accelerate decay, says Knaebe. Stacking it outdoors with the bark-side-up, on the other hand, can help protect the pile of wood below from rain and other weather.

Lava flow steams through lush forests in Hawaii

A lava flow is steaming through lush forests as it creeps across Hawaii's Big Island.

The U.S. Geological Survey has distributed a steady stream of images from the lava flow, including pictures of a breakout of lava near a ground crack system near an abandoned geothermal well site. The lava is burning thick vegetation in the area, and filling the air with smoke.

Kilauea volcano has been erupting continuously for more than 31 years, but a flow started down a flank toward the northeast in June and is threatening the town of Pahoa.

Global importance of urban agriculture 'underestimated'

Urban agriculture is playing an increasingly important role in global food security, a study has suggested.

Researchers, using satellite data, found that agricultural activities within 20km of urban areas occupy an area equivalent to the 28-nation EU.

The international team of scientists says the results should challenge the focus on rural areas of agricultural research and development work.

The findings appear in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

Salamanders Are A More Abundant Food Source In Forest Ecosystems Than Previously Thought

In the 1970s, ecologists published results from one of the first whole-forest ecosystem studies ever conducted in Hubbard Brook, New Hampshire. In the paper, scientists reported that salamanders represent one of the largest sources of biomass, or food, of all vertebrates in the forest landscape.

New Jersey Memorial Honors Environmentalist Jane Tousman

Edison, New Jersey mayor Thomas Lankey and the township council dedicated a new memorial to honor late environmental activist and former council member Jane Tousman.

The memorial for Tousman, who died March 22 at age 77, is located under a flowering dogwood tree near the second-floor entrance to the Municipal Complex’s Council Chamber. 


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