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Policy Counsel Receives Natural Resources Award

The University of Idaho College of Natural Resources selected Brent Keith, NASF's Policy Counsel, to receive the CNR Celebrating Natural Resources Award for 2015. 

Brent Keith Award

Each year the College of Natural Resources Leadership Team selects alumni meeting the requirements of noteworthy achievement for six distinguished college awards. The CNR Celebrating Natural 

Sustainable Forestry Initiative Welcomes Virginia State Forester to Board

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. (SFI) has announced that four leaders have been elected to the independent Board of Directors, including Virginia State Forester Bettina Ring.

Bald Eagles May Have Hatched in DC Nest

Eaglets may have been hatched by the first pair of bald eagles to nest in the District of Columbia since 1947, an Environment Department spokeswoman in the U.S. capital said on Monday.

The nesting bald eagles, the U.S. national emblem, were noticed by staff in a tree at the park-like National Arboretum in January, according to the Arboretum website.

Wildlife experts believed the pair began incubating eggs in late January, and the normal five-week incubation period has expired.

Pacific Islands Forestry Committee Convenes in Yap, Micronesia

Foresters from across the United States' affiliated Pacific Islands met in Yap, Micronesia this month for their annual collaboration meeting.

From March 1-6, about 50 attendees took part in Yap Days cultural observances; field visits to forest, fire and watershed restoration sites; and coordination meetings with partners in the USDA Forest Service, Western Forestry Leadership Coalition (WFLC) and executive director of the Council of Western State Foresters, Micronesia Conservation Trust, and Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

Florida Forest Service Funds Rural Fire Program

The Florida Forest Service team has been busy in Jackson County recently. On Monday, crew members were creating a fire line for private property owners, and also took time to deliver a big piece of equipment to one of the local volunteer fire departments.

Tree Seeds Arrive at Svalbard's 'Doomsday Vault'

The Svalbard "doomsday" vault, known for protecting global food crop seeds, has accepted its first delivery of forest tree species seeds.

Norway spruce and Scots pine samples have entered the vault inside a mountain on the Arctic archipelago. The frozen depository opened in 2008 and is designed to withstand all natural and human disasters.

Researchers hope the tree seed samples will help monitor long-term genetic changes in natural forests.

Pulaski Award Nominations Due March 15

The Pulaski Award nomination process is open. The National Fire and Aviation Executive Board invites you to review the criteria and submit a nomination reflecting the accomplishments of our nation's finest. The Pulaski Award is an annual, national award for outstanding contributions to wildland firefighting from America's  wildland firefighters.

Fiscal Year 2012 Statistics Survey: Wildfire Prevention and Control Efforts Cost State Forestry Agencies $1.8 Billion

The National Association of State Foresters (NASF) State Foresters by the Numbers Report shows the key role state foresters have played in protecting non-federal forests and enhancing their value; providing technical assistance to nearly 200,000 forest landowners in 2012; and training more than 57,000 firefighters to protect 1.56 billion acres of land from wildfires.

Bluebird Houses Benefit Shared Environmental Mission

In a cooperative partnership with the North Carolina Tree Farm Program (NCTFP), State Employees’ Credit Union (SECU) is pleased to assist the non-profit organization with the distribution of bluebird houses to NCTFP’s newly certified tree farmers. The bluebird houses are an addition to the Program’s “Welcome Package” – a fitting gift to initiate new forest landowners into the Tree Farm Program.

NASF Welcomes Forest Science & Health Committee Contractor Bob Simpson

The National Association of State Foresters' Forest Science and Health Committee welcome new committee contractor Robert (Bob) Simpson. 

In addition to his contract position with NASF's committee, Simpson is President and CEO of GreenWoodGlobal Consulting, Ltd. His firm specializes in working with forest products companies, natural resource agencies and natural resource NGOs, helping them meet their strategic directives involving forest sustainability, with focus on family forest owners, cooperatives and communities owning and managing forest land.


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