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North Carolina Family Honored for Forest Stewardship

Fred Clodfelter and his mother, Emily (the daughter of the late Clark and Grace Thornburg), were recently honored by the N.C. Forest Service for outstanding accomplishments in forest stewardship for the management of their woodland in Randolph County.

The Forest Stewardship Program provides landowners with a management plan that outlines recommendations for managing and improving all of the natural resources that are present. The plans cover improvements to timber, wildlife, soil and water quality, aesthetics and recreational opportunities.

National Wild Turkey Federation MOU Will Benefit Wildlife and Habitat

NWTF and NASF Sign MOU Benefiting Wildlife and Habitat

The National Wild Turkey Federation and the National Association of State Foresters recently announced a partnership to promote active forest management for the benefit of the nation’s forests and wildlife.

2015 NASF Annual Report

The 2015 NASF Annual report highlights the theme Adapting to Change, which is as relevant in the natural world as it is in the worlds of agencies and associations. Like forests, the policy, communications and partnership environments in which NASF operates are dynamic ecosystems. Issues and the people behind them are constantly changing.

South Carolina forestry generates $18.6 billion

South Carolina Forestry Commission officials announced the economic impact of the forest products sector in grand fashion, unveiling a large wooden sign representing the industry’s $18.6 billion contribution to the state’s economy.

The new economic impact figure was revealed at a statewide meeting of forestry professionals organized by the SCFC, the South Carolina Forestry Association and forest industry allies.

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Feeling down? Take a hike

A new study finds quantifiable evidence that walking in nature could lead to a lower risk of depression.

Specifically, the study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, found that people who walked for 90 minutes in a natural area, as opposed to participants who walked in a high-traffic urban setting, showed decreased activity in a region of the brain associated with a key factor in depression.

South Carolina Closes on Fourth Largest Easement in State's History

The Nature Conservancy has closed on a 12,418-acre conservation easement on The Westervelt Company’s timber lands in South Carolina. The easement is the fourth largest in state history and the largest since 2008. 

How Family Forests Support Wildlife

Family-owned forests are vital to species biodiversity in our country, providing cover, nest sites, migratory corridors and foraging opportunities for thousands of species, including the iconic wild turkey. And since families and individuals comprise the largest forest ownership group, they are a critical piece of the puzzle to ensuring this habitat remains intact.

West Wind Farm Receives 2015 Leopold Conservation Award

To many in Munfordville, Charlie Williams is simply known as “the tree man.” From a young age, Charlie developed a passion for woodland stewardship after he received 90 acres of land from his grandfather for Christmas. He has nurtured and expanded his landholdings into 1,200 acres, including over 1,000 acres of woodlands. He has also worked on providing better habitat for wildlife above ground and underground, as some of his land sits above caves.

Give Your Trees a Deep Drink During Hot Weather

The weather forecast is calling for high temperatures around most of Oregon through the weekend and even into the middle of next week. It’s a time to keep fire prevention uppermost in our minds, and also, to remember to protect the health of trees in yards and landscapes by deeply watering them.


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