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Harley-Davidson Sets Goal to Plant 50 Million Trees

Harley-Davidson® and The Nature Conservancy are mobilizing the company's global community of riders to raise funds to plant 50 million trees worldwide by 2025 as part of the Renew the Ride™ initiative.

Dedicated to the goal of preserving the open road for future generations of riders, Renew the Ride is the latest global mission and call to action for Harley-Davidson riders. The Harley-Davidson Foundation has committed to contributing a series of annual grants totaling $550,000 in support of The Nature Conservancy’s global Plant a Billion Trees program.

West Virginia Division of Forestry is Building Communities from the Roots Up

Asbury United Methodist Church and CTreeAs everyone reads this article on their respective computer screens, it’s hard to escape the sense that Americans are less connected to the outdoors.

2014 Annual Report

Read the NASF Annual ReportThe National Association of State Foresters’ (NASF) FY 2013-2014 annual report is more than just an update on association accomplishments.  It is a testament to what engaged State Foresters, hard-working staff, and supportive partners did to help keep America’s working

Minnesotans Create a 426 Pound Ball of Paper

Minnesotans dump 1 billion pounds of paper in landfills each year, but there are strategies available to reduce waste.

To raise awareness of the power of recycling, a Minnesota non-profit has created a ball of paper that is 9' 7" inches tall and 32.8 feet around. 

While you're here, don't forget to register for the NASF Annual Meeting in St. Paul next month!

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Burl bandits arrested

Ancient redwood trees sprout clones of themselves on the knobbly growths known as “burls” before dying.  “Burl poachers,” who cut these pieces off to make decorative pieces, are beginning to see some justice: in Humboldt County, multiple arrests of suspected burl poachers have been made.

Proactive forest management is a win-win

New research suggests that they key to saving money on wildfire control is to invest in forests before the fires even begin.  The Mokelumne Watershed Avoided Cost Analysis  suggests that investing in proactive forest management activities can save up to three times the cost of future fires, reduce high-severity fire by up to 75 percent, and bring added benefits for people, water and wildlife.

Family business salvages wood for profit

Far West Forest Products is owned by the a California family that specializes in salvaged, urban and reclaimed wood – 90 percent of which is taken from no more than 500 miles from Far West’s headquarters in Sheridan, California.  This wood, which comes from trees felled by natural causes, or which had to be cut after sustaining damage, or which has already been used, would otherwise go to waste. 

Applications being accepted for new conservation initiatives

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced today that applications are now being accepted for new, landmark conservation initiatives created by the 2014 Farm Bill. The programs will provide up to $386 million to help farmers restore wetlands, protect working agriculture lands, support outdoor recreation activities and boost the economy. 

Tree City, Ohio

For the 33rd consecutive year, Ohio leads the nation for Tree City USA designations with 244 communities achieving the title this year. The program, which is sponsored by the National Association of State Foresters, the Arbor Day Foundation, the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S.


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