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New effort to educate Pennsylvania women forest owners

An idea for a network of Pennsylvania female forest owners that got started at a landowners meeting has grown into the Women and Their Woods program. It helps women landowners learn practical skills to help make future decisions about their land. "A 2005 study suggests that future women forest owners are more interested in keeping forests intact and value legacy more than their male counterparts.

Call for nominations: NFS advisory committee to guide Planning Rule implementation

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced a call for nominations to serve on a newly-formed advisory committee that will guide better management of national forests and grasslands. The National Advisory Committee for Implementation of the National Forest System Land Management Planning Rule will advise and give recommendations to the Secretary of Agriculture and the Chief of the U.S. Forest Service.

A forester's perspective on The Lorax

A forester's perspective: In "The Lorax," when the Once-ler cut the first truffula tree and the Lorax appeared from the stump to "speak for the trees," Mr. Once-ler argued: "I chopped just one tree." A better response would have been to present a plan to replace that tree and to know the ecological impact of different harvesting methods. 

2007 Redesign Report Card now available

2007 Redesign Report CardThe members of NASF and the U.S. Forest Service have been collaborating on the development of a new, "Redesigned" State and Private Forestry. Published by NASF with support from the Forest Service, the inaugural edition of the Redesign Report Card is a guide to the development of the Redesign approach, introduces the primary components of Redesign, and provides examples of landscape-scale work currently underway.

NUCFAC collecting input on tropical forestry

Last month, the National Urban & Community Forestry Advisory Council (NUCFAC) hosted a public forum in Puerto Rico to share ideas, best practices and research on urgent issues facing tropical urban forests. A cross-section of leaders from Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam and other areas addressed issues impacting coastal areas, island ecosystems, effective public policy reform, and potentially increased funding ideas that address the complex issues impacting tropical forestry.

Nation's lumber industry continues to suffer from housing market's ills

With fewer new houses under construction, and foreclosure notices surging this summer, there's a lot at stake for the sawmills and loggers that feed the nation's dwindling appetite for floorboard, housing frames and cabinets. In 2007, the Southern region of the U.S. saw a 30-percent decrease in lumber production and that is mimicked in other parts of the country. Millions of private landowners that manage family owned timberlands also depend on the lumber industry. 

Here's how to comment on the 2010 Draft National Report on Sustainable Forests

First, some background: The 2010 National Report on Sustainable Forests is the second in a series of reports addressing conditions and trends in U.S. forests as they relate to the overarching concept of sustainability. The first report was published in 2003. These reports are produced as part of the Montreal Process, a group of 12 countries that first came together in 1994 to develop and implement internationally agreed upon criteria and indicators for the conservation and sustainable management of temperate and boreal forests.

One month left to comment on the draft 2010 National Report on Sustainable Forests

The Draft National Report on Sustainable Forests-2010 describes the state of forests in the U.S. and the indicators of national progress toward the goal of sustainable forest management. The public comment period closes on April 10.

Harvard Forest looks to private owners for stewardship, conservation

David Foster, director of the 3,500-acre experimental Harvard Forest, helped to develop a plan called Wildlands and Woodlands that suggests preserving 2.5 million acres in Massachusetts from development by conserving large, aggregated chunks of private land. According to the New York Times article this "radical" plan proposes that the land "stay in private hands, allowing it to be used for limited purposes, like logging or recreation, as a way to encourage land stewardship rather than strip malls."

Oregon calls for public input in state assessment and resource strategy process

The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) has begun work on its assessment of the state’s current forest resources and is seeking public involvement in the process during 2009. ODF issued a press release to get the word out and promote awareness of the project. Every state will produce a Forest Assessment and Resource Strategy as part of the 2008 Farm Bill requirements for federal cooperative programs.


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