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Alabama timber industry facing tough times

Two experts fear a host of factors have devastating potential for Alabama's forest landscape — the reason why they are stepping up efforts to warn timberland owners about this potential calamity and to advise them about the steps they should take to avoid it. Among the main factors: sagging demand for forest products following the 2008 market crash.

New NASF Urban & Community Forestry page, factsheet, and state template

Check out a new page on the NASF website all about Urban and Community Forestry. Information, images and a downloadable factsheet with a national focus highlight many of the successes and challenges facing our urban and community forests today. NASF also is offering state forestry agencies a complementary template they can customize to help them educate policymakers and the public about urban and community forestry in their state. Contact NASF for details.

FL population boom could wipe out vast wildlife habitat areas

The expected doubling of Florida's population by 2060 will consume an estimated 7 million acres of wildlife habitat, according to an analysis by state wildlife officials.

Draft 2010 National Report on Sustainable Forests

The U.S. Forest Service has posted the draft of the 2010 National Report on Sustainable Forests. The document is a report on the state of the forests in the U.S. and the indicators of national progress toward the goal of sustainable forest management.

WA expects big drop in timber sales

The nation's housing slump has slashed Washington state's timber sales projections, drastically reducing payments to counties for schools, hospitals, parks and other local needs. The state agency receives revenue from timber sales on about 2.6 million acres of forested land.

Focus+Priority=Outcome: Redesign Report Card available

NASF and the U.S. Forest Service have released the 2008 "Redesign Report Card," a 32-page report that takes a closer look at the Focus + Priority = Outcome principle of Redesign, a process launched two years ago to enhance delivery of State & Private Forestry programs.

Forest Service, Ad Council launch new campaign to reconnect kids with nature

The U.S. Forest Service and the Ad Council are teaming up for a national public service advertising campaign to encourage children and their parents to re-connect with nature. Chief Gail Kimbell will unveil the campaign on June 13 at Denver City Park to coincide with National Get Outdoors Day. Children in the U.S.

Roundtable on Sustainable Forests meeting: Stakeholder Action Strategy for the future

The Roundtable on Sustainable Forests (RSF) is pleased to invite you to register for the National RSF Meeting: Stakeholder Action Strategy for the future, in the Washington, DC area on October 14 and 15, 2009.

Study: mountaintop mining should be banned due to environmental degradation

An article in the journal Science by a team of 12 ecologists, hydrologists, and engineers argues that mountaintop mining should be banned for causing vast and permanent destruction to US environment and health threats to citizens. site launches with interactive maps and historical data

The World Resources Institute debuted this week an interactive website ( to raise awareness about the threats to the region's 214 million acres of forest and provide a tool for private landowners, forest managers, conservation groups and others to improve management decisions. The site draws on a range of resources, including GoogleEarth, Microsoft's Bing Maps, NASA satellite images, and ESRI mapping technology and forest data.


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