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NJ looks at bill to manage state forest lands for timber, forest health

New Jersey Lawmakers are considering a controversial plan to allow commercial logging on state-owned forests. Supporters of the estimated $2.7 million program say it would help the state nurse its 800,000 acres of land back to health by removing trees and allowing sunlight to feed new growth, creating new habitats and reducing the risk of fires. But critics say the forests’ biggest threat are thousands of deer that eat most new plants.

Southern state foresters release forest certification report

The Southern Group of State Foresters (SGSF) has released a new report about forest certification in the South. Forest Certification Programs: Status and Recommendations in the South provides detailed information regarding forest certification, a comparison of the major certification systems and recommended strategies for southern state forestry agencies to consider as the issue develops.


Can wooden skyscrapers transform concrete jungles?

Swapping cement and steel for timber is the vision of a number of environmentally-minded architects who are planning high-rise buildings across the world. "Cutting down trees to make buildings doesn't immediately sound eco-friendly either, but if sourced from sustainably managed forests (like those in Europe and North America), it can be more environmentally sensitive."

State of the Nation's Ecosystems 2008 report

The Heinz Center held a Congressional briefing on Capitol Hill this week to discuss the 2008 State of the Nation's Ecosystems, a report that presents 108 indicators describing the condition and use of ecosystems in the U.S. The findings -- updated since the 2002 report -- show that the acreage burned every year by wildfires is increasing, non-native fish have invaded nearly every watershed in the lower 48 states, and chemical contaminants are found in virtually all streams and most groundwater wells, often at levels above those set to protect human health or wildlife.

Endowment releases second report on conservation easements

The U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities has released a report entitled, Considerations for Creating a National Conservation Easement Database. The report is a follow-up to a meeting the Endowment hosted in early 2008 and the report, "Forest Conservation Easements: Who's Keeping Track?" that served to scope interest and the potential for a national database of conservation easements to enhance conservation and economic planning and investment.

Final workshop for input on National Report on Sustainable Forests, March 23

Are the forests in the United States being managed in a sustainable way? The Draft National Report on Sustainable Forests -- 2010 wants your input. .Go to and provide your comments directly to the Forest Service by April 10. You can also attend the final afternoon workshop in Washington DC on Monday, March 23.

Marylanders plant trees -- new tree cover initiative launches

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley has launched a new citizen component of "Marylanders Plant Trees," a program designed to greatly increase tree cover across the state through partnerships with businesses, communities and citizens to help fund and plant new tree cover. State agencies have a goal of planting 1 million new trees by 2011, and private citizens are being asked to plant 50,000 trees by 2010.

Texas to assess and remove thousands of trees damaged by Hurricane Ike

Texas forestry officials plan to launch a triage program in Galveston to determine how many of the 11,000 Hurricane Ike-damaged trees on city property can be salvaged. Removing the ravaged trees by the middle of September would allow the state to qualify for federal payments that could cover up to 75 percent of the city’s removal cost.

FSC and SFI rivalry heats up in spotlight of "green" consumerism

The nonprofit Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has faced a stiff challenge in the marketplace from rival certification system the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). This week lawyers for ForestEthics filed administrative complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and the Internal Revenue Service challenging the credibility of the SFI label.


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