Interim report from Science Forum on Forest Service planning rule now available

The Science Forum was convened March 29-30 by the USDA Forest Service in Washington, DC, featuring panel presentations on the latest  scientific topics relevant to the development of the planning rule.

Study calls for more prescribed burns to reduce forest fire emissions

A new study published in Environmental Science and Technology found that widespread prescribed burns might have slashed fire-related carbon dioxide emissions in 11 Western states by an average of 18 to 25 percent between the years 2001 and 2008, and by as much as 60 percent in some forest systems.

Forest Service acquires 112K acres of Montana forestland in Legacy project

The U.S. Forest Service took over ownership of 112,000 acres of former Plum Creek Timber Co. land this week in the second phase of the Montana Legacy Project, which saw the Nature Conservancy and the Trust for Public Land buy much of Plum Creek's western Montana holdings in trust for the state and federal government. The entire project encompasses about 310,000 acres.

Estate planning book helps forest owners understand tax laws

The USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station has published, Estate Planning for Forest Landowners: What will become of your timberland?, with practical information about tax and estate planning and techniques involving forest properties (PDF). Tax, legal, forestry, insurance and other professionals will also benefit from the guidance offered in the book's 200-pages.

Tree Campus USA participation more than doubled in 2009

The Arbor Day Foundation honored 74 colleges and universities with Tree Campus USA recognition in 2009, more than doubling the total from the inaugural class. Tree Campus USA is a national program that honors colleges and universities that use best tree-care and sustainability practices and engage students in tree-planting and conservation initiatives. site launches with interactive maps and historical data

The World Resources Institute debuted this week an interactive website ( to raise awareness about the threats to the region's 214 million acres of forest and provide a tool for private landowners, forest managers, conservation groups and others to improve management decisions. The site draws on a range of resources, including GoogleEarth, Microsoft's Bing Maps, NASA satellite images, and ESRI mapping technology and forest data.

Nine states partner with Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees on public lands

The Arbor Day Foundation is working with the forestry and conservation departments in nine states to plant more than 2.3 million trees on state lands this year. This is the second consecutive year the nonprofit Arbor Day Foundation has planted trees in state-run forests.  Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Washington will plant trees through the Arbor Day Foundation partnership.

Group sues over whitebark pine endangered petition

The Natural Resources Defense Council has sued the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) for its inaction on the group's December 2008 petition to protect the whitebark pine with an endangered species listing.

Oregon acquires first state forest in 70 years

The Oregon Board of Forestry has approved the purchase of 43,000 acres of forestland in Central Oregon, creating the first new state forest in about 70 years. The OR Department of Forestry will manage it to restore the densely packed young stands and to create a forest that eventually provides many benefits, including diverse wildlife habitat, ongoing flows of clean water, and recreation opportunities, in addition to forest products and revenues.

Editorial: good news for New Jersey's forests

The New Jersey Forestry Stewardship and Sustainability Act was a long time coming, according to a recent editorial lauding the merits of the bill.