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WA State Natural Resources Board acts to preserve forestland

This week, the WA state Board of Natural Resources authorized funds for the purchase of a 105.7-acre parcel along a major interstate highway that will preclude its commercial development.

New incentives for Maryland landowners for forest management

Effective immediately, landowners in Maryland have new incentives to plant trees and better manage their forests.  Maryland’s Forest Preservation Act of 2013, which requires that the State stay at or above its current tree canopy of 40%, assists citizens and local governments who work to increase tree cover on their property with more tools and tax benefits.

A pioneering forest research model

Over the past 40 years, forest science has evolved from more traditional “forestry” science with a near exclusive focus on enhancing forest productivity to a science that must address broader and more complex topics such as sustaining ecosystem services in the face of land use change, climate variability, and altered disturbance regimes.

Could planting trees in the desert mitigate climate change?

As the world starts feeling the effects of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide and consequent global temperature rise, researchers are looking for a Plan B to mitigate climate change. A group of German scientists has now come up with an environmentally friendly method that they say could do just that. The technique, dubbed carbon farming, consists in planting trees in arid regions on a large scale to capture CO2.

FY2012 State and Private Forestry Annual Report released

In partnership with the USDA Forest Service, NASF has published the Fiscal Year 2012 State and Private Forestry Annual Report with supporting appendix of State Fact Sheets. The report gives an overview of success stories from the different programs that fall under the area of State and Private Forestry at the USDA Forest Service.

FY2012 State and Private Forestry Report

The FY2012 State and Private Forestry Report and supporting Appendix of State Fact Sheets gives an overview of success stories in the different programs that fall under the State and Private Forestry department of the USDA Forest Service. This year's report is titled Forests: An Investment in the Future and features at least one success story from each of NASF's 59 member states, territories and districts.

State Forester Maisch testifies on behalf of Alaska regarding challenges and opportunities for improving forest management on Federal lands

Last week Alaska State Forester and NASF Vice President Chris Maisch testified on behalf of the State of Alaska in front of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. He was joined by other forest experts and government officials to address the improvement of forest health and management on Federal lands. 

Coalition Letter: Matsui - Support for TREES Act (July 3, 2013)

Dear Congresswoman Matsui:

The Sustainable Urban Forests Coalition (SUFC) would like to thank you for your commitment to energy conservation and your recognition of the role properly placed trees have in mitigating greenhouse gasses and reducing electricity consumption. We write today in support of your efforts to assist retail power providers with the establishment and operation of targeted residential tree planting programs through your recently introduced bill HR 1807 “The Residential Energy and Economic Savings Act” (TREES Act).


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