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Kentucky Governor spares tree nursery

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has decided to fully rebuild a state tree nursery in eastern Kentucky that was devastated by a tornado last year. The state had been planning to divert insurance claim money to fill a budget gap.

Woodland owners and the Kentucky timber industry have been asking the governor to rebuild, saying the seedlings grown there are vital for the environment and the economy.

2013 SFI Annual Conference registration now open

SFI has opened registration for their 2013 Annual Conference. The conference will provide attendees the opportunity to learn about emerging issues and network with the SFI community including forest managers, customers, landowners, manufacturers, printers, researchers, conservation and community organizations, retailers, sustainability coalitions, and government agencies.

SFI launches new consumer website

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) has launched a new website to explain certification and the impact of the buying decisions we make every day. It has great information and includes some interesting infographics to tell the story of sustainability. The site is a great way to find out the basics about SFI, their process and how buying products made from sustainably sourced wood helps keep forests healthy.

Maryland passes landmark forestry legislation

Last week the Maryland General Assembly passed HB 706, more commonly referred to as the Forest Preservation Act of 2013. State Forester Steve Koehn was integral facilitating the process that provided the General Assembly with the background and information to support the passage of the Forest Preservation Act of 2013.

Win for treeplanters: Appeals Court rules DOL has no authority to issue H-2B Rules

Earlier this week, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit affirmed the decision of the United States District Court of the Northern District of Florida that the U.S. Department of Labor lacks the authority to issue regulations governing the H-2B guestworker program.  This decision upholds the lower court’s preliminary injunction (in Bayou Lawn and Landscape Services v. Solis). 

NASF comments on sixth draft of LEED

Last week NASF submitted comments on the sixth draft of LEED standards. The comments addressed the use of sustainably sourced wood in building design and construction, interior design and construction, and existing buildings and neighborhood development, while taking into account the current draft language's exclusion of all but one certification system.

Time to stock up on fire prevention educational materials

NASF has been giving our Smokey Bear and other fire prevention educational materials a makeover! Our online Educational Materials Store has the perfect items to complement your outreach efforts. You'll find new items like Smokey temporary tattoos, pencils and zipper pulls, and don't miss our new bookmark and postcards with classic Smokey artwork.

The case for building skyscrapers out of wood

So what exactly is Vancouver-based architect Michael Green thinking when he proposes using wood to erect urban skyscrapers and multifamily structures of up to 30 stories? “Earth grows our food,” he says in his 2013 TED Talk. “We should move toward an ethic that the earth should grow our homes.”

Next webinar in Planning for Growth and Open Space Conservation series announced

The Forest Service has announced the topic of its next webinar in the Planning for Growth and Open Space Conservation series - Session #12: Greening Grey Infrastructure: Federal Highway Administration's Eco-Logical Approach and Case Studies from National Forests in Ohio and Washington.

2010 State Foresters Benchmarking report (for internal use only)

2010 State Foresters Benchmarking report and database. For internal use by state foresters only.

View State Foresters By the Numbers public report.


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