Urban and Community Forestry

Volunteers plant potentially blight-resistant hybrid chestnut trees in Brooklyn

Over the last two years, volunteers with the Prospect Park Alliance have been planting a blight-resistent hybrid chesnut called B3F3s in the park. With any luck, they will cross-breed with a generation of pure American Chestnuts that the Alliance planted back in 2004, and which, for the first time last year, produced fertile Brooklyn-born nuts.

"The seeds from that will be even more blight resistant," volunteer Bart Chezar explained. "And those will be kind of the feed stock for the future American chestnut forests of Brooklyn."

My Tree–Our Forest Campaign To Raise Awareness About The Value Of Trees

Project Tells The Story Of How Trees Improve Air And Water, Quality Of Life

2015 was an exciting year for urban and community forestry!

Among the highlights for NASF include the launch of a new campaign to increase public understanding about the benefits that healthy forests offer to communities across the United States and the role state forestry agencies play in protecting the nation’s urban and community trees.

Arkansas Accepting Proposals for Urban & Community Forestry Tree Management Grants

The Arkansas Forestry Commission (AFC) Urban & Community Forestry Program has opened 2016 Tree Management Grants to proposals through February 9, 2016. Eligible recipients include non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and local/state government organizations. Grants are available to fund projects that develop/improve public tree management and maintenance. Grant applications are available at forestry.arkansas.gov.  Funded grants will be announced February 24th, 2016.

Trees in Trouble: Saving America's Urban Forests

It seemed to happen almost overnight. Thousands of trees started dying unexpectedly in SW Ohio. Cincinnati almost went broke trying to keep the invasion from damaging property—or worse.

The killer was a tiny insect known as the emerald ash borer, a new invasive insect from Asia that will wipe out every ash tree in America...unless we do something about it. First found near Detroit in 2002, emerald ash borers have now infested trees in 35 states, from New Hampshire to South Carolina and as far west as Colorado.

Map: 25 Years of Urban Forestry Funding in Colorado

Twenty five years ago, the passage of the 1990 Farm Bill marked the formal beginning of the Colorado State Forest Service’s Urban and Community Forestry (U&CF) program.

The U&CF program created an online story map celebrating 25 years of noteworthy grant-funded projects since this landmark legislation, complete with historical photos and other images. The story map highlights 10 noteworthy grant awards/planting projects that demonstrate the broad impact of urban forestry efforts in Colorado on cities large and small.

Texans Celebrate Arbor Day

Texans from across the state gathered to honor all of the ways trees enrich lives and stabilize the environment  during the State Arbor Day celebration at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum in College Station.

The festivities closed out a year-long celebration of Texas A&M ForestService’s centennial year and the "History in the Making: Texas A&M Forest Service" exhibit at the museum which chronicles the last 100 years of the agency.