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Melbourne's Urban Forest Bombarded with Emails of Love

The Melbourne city council in Australia has devised an interactive urban forest map that provides individual data on each of the 70,000 trees that line the streets and parks of central Melbourne.

Each tree is assigned an identification number, which allows you to email it. Ostensibly this is to report damaged branches, but emailed expressions of tree devotion have been received from admirers.

Increasing Rural Community Wealth and Environmental Health in Kentucky

Blog submitted by Sarah C. Gracey, urban forestry coordinator with the Kentucky Division of Forestry (KDF).

Greening Massachusetts' Gateway Cities

Chelsea, Massachusetts tree gatorBlog submitted by Julie Coop, Urban and Community Forestry Coordinator with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.

The Greening the Gateway Cities program (GGC) is a multi-agency partnership designed to reduce household heating and cooling energy use by increasing tree canopy cover in urban areas.

Louisville is Warming Faster than Any Other City, and Trees are the Coolest Response

Brian Stone Jr. knows the urban heat island phenomenon well. Stone is one of the country’s foremost experts in urban heat; he has made a career of literally taking the temperature of communities. “Cities essentially create their own climates,” he says. “And the urban heat island effect is one way to measure that. There’s a heat island effect, really, in every large city.”

But in few places is it felt more than in Louisville, sometimes to deadly effect.

Opinion: The Benefits of Oregon's Healthy Urban Forests

“Urban forestry,” the care and management of trees to improve the urban environment, is becoming better known and more appreciated. However, the fact remains that most people don’t stop often to think about the many benefits trees in urban settings provide both people and communities. There’s still work to be done.

Current Urban and Community Forestry Projects in American Samoa

Blog submitted by Daisy Masela Talatau, Urban & Community Forestry Program Coordinator. Talatau works for the Forestry Division at American Samoa Community College's Land Grant Community and Natural Resources.

USDA Forest Service Studying New York City's Urban Ecology

Deep in the woods at Alley Pond Park in Queens is a laboratory that looks like something out of a weather fanatic’s wild imagination.

Attached to a lofty oak are a webcam and a wind vane, humidity and temperature sensors, rain gauges and instruments to measure solar radiation. The high-tech tools, which transmit information in real time, are part of the USDA Forest Service’s new “smart forest” initiative, in which data is collected from selected woodlands to help scientists manage landscapes in a changing climate.

Maine's Project Canopy: Trees Make Our Lives Better

Photo of Maine by 2013 NASF Foundation photographer Joel PrinceBlog submitted by Jan Ames Santerre.

Project Canopy is about people. The program educates people about the benefits trees provide, and how trees make people's lives better.

Transplanting Alaska's Trees the Air Spade Way

Moving the rootball in Sitka, AlaskaAn air spade is an air excavation tool used by arborists, foresters, and utilities. Read about how the city of Sitka, Alaska uses the tool to successfully transplant their precious urban infrastructure: trees. Blog submitted by Patricia Joyner.


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