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Fiscal Year 2013-2014 National Association of State Foresters Annual Report

Read the NASF Annual ReportThe National Association of State Foresters’ (NASF) FY 2013-2014 annual report is more than just an update on association accomplishments.  It is a testament to what engaged State Foresters, hard-working staff, and supportive partners did to help keep America’s

Opinion: Trees can be the answer to flooding in Detroit

In the city of Detroit, rainwater does not naturally percolate through soils, instead flowing over land into storm drains and into our Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) system. During these increasingly frequent heavy rains, millions of gallons of water overload the system into storm sewers and basement drains that can cause extensive damage to public and private property.

Save the Date: 2015 North American Envirothon Urban Forestry Competition

The North American Envirothon is North America’s largest high school environmental education competition.  Reaching more than 500,000 students across North America annually, the Envirothon succeeds in its mission to develop knowledgeable, skilled, and dedicated citizens who are willing and prepared to work towards achieving a balance between the quality of life and the quality of the environment.  The Envirothon is “a hands-on environmental problem-solving competition for high school-aged students in the United States and Canada.  Participating teams complete training and testing in five na

Migratory Bird Journeys Converge In Baltimore Gardens

To help feed and shelter migratory birds, a group of migrant women and their children participate in the Patterson Park Audubon Center's Bird Ambassadors program.
The goal is to provide a stopover for neotropical birds migrating from the East Coast to Mexico and Central America for the winter.

University of Tennessee Team Investigates Urban Trees in Green Infrastructure Installations

For their ideas in answering a challenge issued by the United States Department of Agriculture, a team lead by the University of Tennessee was recently awarded a federal grant of more than $200,000.
The project, “Storm Water Goes Green: Investigating the Benefit and Health of Urban Trees in Green Infrastructure Installations,” is a multidisciplinary effort coordinated with North Carolina State University to study the impact of trees on storm water management.

Florida Students Organize Tree-Planting Projects

Florida's aspiring Eagle Scout Orion Leavy, 15, and Mildred Helms Elementary graduate Riley Browne, 11, have taken on separate projects with similar missions: planting hundreds of trees to beautify and add more green to Largo’s landscape.

The trees for both projects will come from the city’s tree fund, which businesses and developers pay into when trees are cut down for new construction projects.

Through Urban Forestry 2020, Schools Aim to Advance Urban Forestry Profession

A multi-state team from universities in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland are working to advance the profession of urban forestry.
The team led by researchers at Virginia Tech has launched Urban Forestry 2020. The project aims to examine the challenges faced by the urban forestry profession and devise strategies for advancing the profession.
The project also includes representatives from Virginia State University, West Virginia University and the University of Maryland. It is partially funded by the U.S. Forest Service.

Sonic Tomograph Used to Determine Urban Forest Health in Missoula

To determine the future of the maple, the city of Missoula uses a device called a sonic tomograph. The Urban Forestry Division has catalogued an estimated 74 percent of municipal street and boulevard trees, and most of them are, to a trained eye, obviously healthy or obviously hazards in need of removal.

“The tree has a full canopy, but it clearly has a defect at the base,” said Christopher Gray, an arborist with the Urban Forestry Division of the Missoula Parks and Recreation Department. “Is this a high-risk tree? Low-risk tree?”


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