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December 2013 U&CF Committee Meeting Documents

Attached are documents from the December 2013 Urban and Community Forestry Committee Meeting held in Washington DC.

Nature in the city provides connection

What are the benefits of foraging in an urban forest? Researchers in Seattle have found some answers, several of which position urban gathering as a way people are connecting with nature in cities today.

Oregon State University to offer two online urban forestry courses during winter quarter

Oregon State University (OSU) is pleased to announce the availability of two online urban forestry courses during Winter Quarter 2014 (January 6 – March 21, 2014).  FES/HORT 350 Urban Forestry is an introductory undergraduate course the covers a wide range of urban forestry concepts and topics, and is suitable for anyone wanting a comprehensive understanding of the urban forestry discipline.  FES/HORT 455/555 Urban Forest Planning Policy and Management is an upper level undergraduate/graduate course that offers a detailed look at the complex challenges faced by urban fores

The USDA Forest Service’s Community Forest and Open Space Program – $4 million

Application Due: January 15, 2014

Eligible Entities: Local governments, federally recognized tribes and Alaskan Native Corporations, and non-profits who are eligible to hold title to land for conservation purposes.

University of Arizona harvests campus olive trees to make olive oil

Funded by the UA Green Fund, Linking Edible Arizona Forests is working to harvest many of the olive trees on University of Arizona campus to turn into olive oil.  Student and community volunteers spent Veterans Day harvesting the olives.

The Conservation Fund promotes land conservation and tree planting in Detroit

Once home to 1.9 million people, Detroit now has just 700,000 residents, leaving an estimated 30,000 acres of distressed land. Its rivers are polluted, and its parks are left with no one to care for them.   The Conservation Fund’s hallmark approach is based on the idea that for conservation solutions to last, they need to make economic sense. They’ve taken on several projects with the intent to support green businesses and restore Detroit’s green spaces.

Take your urban forestry efforts to a new level with the Municipal Forestry Institute

Are you ready to take your urban forestry efforts to the next level?  Did you know that the Municipal Forestry Institute (MFI) can help take you there? MFI is a one-week intensive experience that covers Leadership, Strategic Planning and Thinking, Collaboration, and Communications.

The next MFI will be held during the last week of February, 2014, at the Lied Conference Center in Nebraska City NE.  The registration deadline is coming up on December 1, 2013.

Recreation area recognized as state's first Connecticut Grown Community Forest

Following the development of a sustainable forest management plan, the 223-acre Crescent Lake Recreation Area has been recognized for taking key steps toward sustainable woodland management.

Large urban forest planned for Detroit’s vacant lots

After five years, Detroit has reached agreement with a private investor to transform 1,500 vacant and blighted city-owned lots (more than 140 acres) into an urban forest. The first phase of planting will be hardwood trees such as maple and oak, planted in straight rows.


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