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Urban Forests

TreeVitalize revitalizes western Pennsylvania

Students from Keystone Oaks High School were among nearly 50 residents who helped plant 19 trees provided by TreeVitalize Pittsburgh, a five-year-old partnership led by Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.  More than 19,000 trees have been planted since the program started in 200

Join a celebration of trees in October!

Be a part of the 2013 national action campaign to celebrate and plant community trees!  Register all of your October tree plantings, trees workshops, urban greening days, invasive removals, and other tree events at It’s easy to register to be a part of National NeighborWoods Month, and demonstrates the great work your organization is doing. 

ACTrees calls for nominations to Board of Directors

ACTrees 2013 Nominating Committee Chair, Ray Tretheway, invites you to nominate an individual who will serve as Director on the ACTrees Board of Directors for a three year term.  The Committee seeks individuals who can lead ACTrees membership and program partner organizations as well as those whose professional expertise will support the organization’s growth and impact.  This includes educators, community leaders, researchers, business leaders, and stakeholders in

Urban Releaf provides relief for Oakland

When director Kemba Shakur started an urban forestry nonprofit organization 15 years ago, the goal was to address the ecological needs of the community, which was in desperate need of more trees and greenery.  When she first moved to Oakland in 1994, 57th street didn’t have a single tree.  Now, the block boasts over 30 trees and counting. 

Turtles find refuge in urban areas due to polluted habitats

In a new study, a University of Missouri researcher has found that snapping turtles are surviving in urban areas as their natural habitats are being polluted or developed for construction projects.

International Water Conference to take place in September

The September conference, “Water for Mega Cities: Challenges and Solutions,” will take place in Beijing, China, and is co-sponsored by the American Water Resources Association (AWRA) and Beijing Hydraulic Engineering Society. 

Canadians concerned about loss of green spaces

According to a recent study, approximately two-thirds (68%) of Canadians are concerned about the loss of green space in their community. With a loss of these beloved spaces potentially on the horizon, Canadians indicate that they, themselves, and their community could take a more proactive role in improving their community.

The California Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council releases five year strategic plan for UCF

The simple fact that almost 95 percent of Californians live in urban areas speaks volumes as to the importance of California's urban forests. This is why the California Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council has released a five year strategic plan.

The Plan for 2013-2018 establishes direction and focus for their efforts over the next five years. One primary value of this plan is to provide a framework for continuity in program delivery.

Resources for urban tree development

Urban trees offer concrete benefits.  They improve air quality, save energy, help manage storm water and water quality, and offer a variety of health and psychological benefits to residents.  But cities struggle to pay for the maintenance and improvement of their urban forests and ensure that urban forestry programs are financed in a sustainable way.  Lexi Kay at the Environmental Finance Center at the University of North Carolina suggests some

From recycling to “treecycling”

Inside the new headquarters of Rockford Construction Co. Inc.


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