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Watch GoPro Camera Footage from the Front Line of a Wildfire

The Geronimo Hotshots are one of seven Native American hotshot crews in the United States who are sponsored by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

This revealing documentary features GoPro footage from the Geronimo Hotshots’ 2013 fire season, shot by crew member Samson Belvado and put together by the The Atlantic filmaker Sam Price-Waldman.

Watch the video > >

Colorado Becomes Third State to Achieve 100 Firewise Communities

More than 100 Colorado communities have now earned Firewise Communities/USA® recognition for taking steps to reduce their wildfire risk.

“Reaching the one hundred community benchmark is a major accomplishment,” said Cathy Prudhomme, the community outreach program manager for the National Fire Protection Association’s Wildland Fire Operations Division. “Until now, only two of the program’s 41 participating states have achieved that level of participation.”

FY 2013 Communities at Risk Report

The National Association of State Foresters has released the FY 2013 Annual Report on Communities at Risk. 
The National Association of State Foresters continually surveys all states to determine progress in identifying communities at risk and developing Community Wildfire Protection Plans.
This report helps provide a national snapshot of wildland fire risk, preparedness and capacity.

Planning for Wildfire Season: Oregon’s Blue Mountains

Along with many public-agency and landowner partners, State Forester Doug Decker and the Oregon Department of Forestry are taking a major step toward a better future in wildfire management across broad landscapes.

Foresters know that some ecosystems depend on periodic fires in order to remain healthy. Many forests have evolved to withstand the flames, and rely on low-intensity fire every five to 15 years to remove undergrowth and prevent large catastrophic wildfires.

USDA Forest Service calls for bioenergy products in wildfire country

The USDA Forest Service has requested proposals to substantially expand and accelerate wood energy and wood products markets throughout the United States to support forest management needs on National Forest System and other forest lands.

The grants and cooperative agreements awarded under this announcement will support the Agricultural Act of 2014, and the nationwide challenge of disposing of hazardous fuels and other wood residues from the National Forest System and other forest lands in a manner that supports wood energy and wood products markets.

Learn about the Wildland Fire Decision Support System

Moose Creek district ranger Joe Hudson and Byron Bonney, retired fire staff officer, worked together in the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest to make better tactical decisions for the Johnson Bar Fire.

Smokey Bear Storybook App Launched During Fire Prevention Week

The first-ever Smokey Bear storybook app called "Smokey Bear and the Campfire Kids" was launched this week as is available for download at

Created by digital agency HelpsGood, the app was released during this week's Fire Prevention Week.

A portion of all proceeds goes back into the Smokey Bear education campaign managed by NASF, the Ad Council, and the USDA Forest Service.

Fall Wildfire Season Begins October 15 in Virginia

Fall wildfire season is here and officials with the Virginia Department of Forestry want to keep you and your family safe from the ravages of wildfire.

State Forester Bettina Ring said, “Preventing a wildfire from ever starting is critical to the safety and security of our citizens. And, since most wildfires (96 percent) in Virginia are caused by human activity, if people are careful and pay attention to weather conditions, they can keep themselves and their property safe by not letting a wildfire start.”

Smokey Bear Inducted into Advertising Week Walk of Fame

Two of the Ad Council’s most historic public service advertising (PSA) campaigns were voted by the public as a “Favorite Advertising Icon” and “Favorite Advertising Slogan,” as part of Advertising Week 2014.

Winning the contest will put Smokey Bear in the Advertising Walk of Fame alongside Madison Avenue. 

2014 NASF Approved Resolutions

A summary of the policy position resolutions approved by the NASF members at the 2014 NASF Annual Meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Role of State and Local Government in Wildfire Response and Management

This resolution addresses the need to reinforce the mission, roles, responsibilities, and importance of state and local government in wildland fire response and management, and ensure adequate federal funding and logistical support. 

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