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Wildland Firefighters Train with National Guard

The South Carolina Forestry Commission and South Carolina National Guard held a joint training exercise Friday, April 10 at Manchester State Forest to practice coordination and communication on a mock wildfire.

Protecting Great Lakes Forests with the State Fire Assistance Program

With support from the USDA Forest Service’s State Fire Assistance program, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is achieving goals outlined in the state’s Forest Action Plan.

Time For Wildfire Mitigation Near Colorado Homes

With Colorado’s snowpack at only 65 percent of average and Red Flag Warnings again in effect throughout much of the state today, the Colorado State Forest Service reminds landowners that there’s no better time than now to prepare homes and communities for wildfire.

“Sometimes the best defense is a good offense,” said Mike Lester, state forester and director of the Colorado State Forest Service. “Long before a fire arrives, landowners should be taking pre-emptive actions to reduce wildfire potential.”

Arson Dog Tracks Down Individual Who Started Wildfire

On Tuesday, Magic, a K-9 wildfire arson dog, and his Kentucky Department of Corrections handlers, Adam Sloan and Josh Brock, were called to help investigate a fire on Warrior’s Path in Knox County, near Stinking Creek.
Division of Forestry personnel knew where the wildfire started, but were uncertain who started it.

Damaged Evergreens Create Fuel for Wildfire

Colorado evergreens this spring are showing what some call winter bronzing or freeze damage. It’s the result of a cold snap that occurred in November. Many trees were flash frozen, and now that spring has arrived the damaged and dead trees are what’s left. 

Wildfire in Oklahoma Burns 22,000 Acres

A massive wildfire near Woodward recently should serve as a cautionary tale for all of us.

The blaze burned more than 22,000 acres and caused an estimated $1.1 million in damage. Included in the damage total were seven occupied houses that were destroyed or damaged.

Wildfire Mitigation Award Presented to FireWise of Southwest Colorado

FireWise of Southwest Colorado had some big things to celebrate at its bimonthly meeting Tuesday, including three national awards.

Judy Winzell got a standing ovation from her neighbors at Falls Creek as she accepted the Community Wildfire Preparedness Pioneer Award – one of only four in the nation – from Durango Fire Protection District Deputy Chief of Operations Hal Doughty. The DFPD nominated Winzell for the honor.

Firefighters prepare for Wildfire Season in Arizona

Wildfire season is quickly approaching, and Southern Arizona fire departments spent last weekend brushing up on their skills.

Firefighters from several local agencies, including the Northwest Fire District, Casa Grande Fire Department, Golder Ranch Fire District, and Oracle Fire Department, were out in Oracle Saturday for their annual training, which covered everything from driving safety to land navigation to radio communications.

The drill is hosted by the U.S. Forest Service, Arizona State Forestry Division.

Legislation Pushes for Wildfire Natural Disaster Funding

The U.S. Forest Service, the White House, bipartisan supporters in Congress and conservation groups are trying to push through legislation (H.R. 167) so that the costs of fighting catastrophic wildfires would be paid from emergency funds, just as when other natural disasters strike. The Forest Service and Interior Department would continue to fund routine firefighting from their regular budgets.

Prescribed Burning in New Jersey Helps Prevent Wildfire

Last Friday, blazes were set across South and Central New Jersey, including Washington Township in Burlington County; Manchester and Eagleswood Townships in Ocean County; Millville, Maurice, Commercial, and Downe Townships in Cumberland; and Monmouth Battlefield in Monmouth County.

"Prescribed burning is part of a planned strategy that the state uses to reduce accumulations of undergrowth, fallen branches, and downed trees that can act as tinder and increase the severity of wildfires, making them difficult to control," said State Forester Lynn Fleming.


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