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Coalition Press Release: Broad forest coalition asks Congress to address persistent firefighting deficit


Media Contact:
Genevieve O’Sullivan, Communications Director
National Association of State Foresters; (202) 624-5417


Broad forest coalition asks Congress to address persistent firefighting deficit
Groups request money transferred from other forest programs be restored

Media Statement: NASF Statement on USDA Forest Service Fire Suppression Fund Transfers

August 26, 2013
NASF Statement on USDA Forest Service Fire Suppression Fund Transfers:
Underfunded suppression to get relief by transferring $600 million from already constrained forestry budgets

Wildfire fund transfers begin

For the second straight year, the Forest Service has run through its budget for fighting wildfires amid a grueling season and will be forced to move $600 million from other funds, some of which help prevent fires.

Firenado takes over Alaskan forest

On August 16, 2013, footage was captured on the Tetlin Junction Ridge Fire burning in the Tok area.

Oregon Department of Forestry advances their FERN System

The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) has contracted the Timmons Group to plan, design and implement a Forest Activity Electronic Notification and Reporting System (FERNS) application. The multi-phased project will improve the State’s Notification of Operations and Application for Permit (NO/AP) processing for the Private Forests and Protection from Fire divisions. 

Prescribed burns are just what the doctor ordered

Texas A&M Forest Service is joining with Texas Department of Agriculture, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension to release A Land in Balance: Benefits of Prescribed Fire, a new video designed to raise awareness about the benefits of deliberating burning.  For generations, Texans have used prescribed—or “good”—fire to help manage the landscape, depending on the flames, to clear brush, control vegetation, maintain wildlife habitats and even boost nutrients in the soil.

Blue Mountain Pilot a model for forest resource and wildfire management

The Blue Mountain Cohesive Strategy Project is located in northeastern Oregon, southeastern Washington and western Idaho.  It encompasses 7.5 million acres of land of mixed ownership.  The project is a proving ground for the Cohesive Strategy, where multiple partners are working together to develop a model for forest resource and wildfire management with stakeholder engagement. 

Giant trees respond to changing climate

Climate change may have triggered a growth spurt in two of California’s iconic tree species: redwoods and giant sequoias.  “The forests are not experiencing detrimental impacts of climate change,” says Emily Burns, science director at the Save the Redwoods League, which is collaborating on a long-term study with university researchers on the effect of climate change on redwoods, the world’s tallest trees, and giant sequoias, the largest living things by total mass.

Father and son's quick thinking stops wildfire

Tony Holt, DNR Heavy Equipment Operator Tony Holt of Concrete, Washington, and his son put out a forest fire at Baker Lake recreation site in Whatcom County.  On July 25th, Holt and his son headed up to Noisy Creek for a fishing trip.  From across the lake, they noticed a forest fire progressing before their eyes.  He backed his boat close to shore and started hosing the fire with a 75-foot jet spray through a 4-inch nozzle po

Viewing a controlled burn through a different lens

Rich Reid, an outdoor photographer based in Ojai, California has recently documented the regrowth of a forest after a controlled burn for Nature Conservancy magazine.  For over 50 years the Conservancy has been using controlled burns as a method to restore native habitats and control invasive plants.  In order to catch this footage, Reid had to prepare his cameras to survive out in the elements as they recorded regrowth for two months.  He built fire-proof cam


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