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Coalition Letter: Partner Caucus on Fire Suppression Funding Solutions Support Letter (February 10, 2014)

Dear Members of Congress:

For years the USDA Forest Service (USFS) and the Department of the Interior (DOI) have “robbed from Peter to pay Paul,” by transferring money out of vital agency programs and services in order to fund wildfire suppression costs. This practice is negatively affecting land management programs including those that decrease long-term wildfire risk and costs.

Drought driving West toward landmark wildfire season

Across the Western United States, officials tasked with fighting forest fires worry that a confluence of factors, including climate change and human development, are conspiring to create conditions ripe for a landmark fire year.

Joint landscape restoration project to improve forest resiliency

The United States Department of Agriculture Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment Robert Bonnie announced a multi-year partnership between the United States Forest Service (USFS) and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) called the Chief’s Joint Landscape Restoration Partnership

House introduces fire funding solution bill

A broad coalition of conservation, timber, tribal, recreation, sportsmen and employer groups praised Representatives Simpson (R-ID) and Schrader (D-OR) for introducing the Wildfire Disaster Funding Act of 2014 (H.R. 3992) that would create an emergency funding process for fire response.

House Introduces Fire Funding Solution Bill; Broad Coalition of Forest Interests Support

February 5, 2014                                 

For Immediate Release                                                                         

Jon Schwedler, The Nature Conservancy

Genevieve O’Sullivan, National Association of State Foresters



Course on Assessing Wildlife Hazards in the Home Ignition Zone to be held in Missouri

Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and expand your knowledge about effective wildfire hazard mitigation techniques at the upcoming 2-day workshop on March 1-2 sponsored by the Southwest Missouri Resource Conservation & Development Council and the Missouri Department of Conservation's Forestry Division.

Predictions for Alaska fire season 2014

Fire seasons around the country are going to be harder to predict this year, with unusual, colder temperatures in the Lower-48 and warmer temperatures in Alaska.  Maggie Hess and Meteorologist Heidi Strader (from the Alaska DNR and AICC Predictive Services, respectively) remind us that key factors for fire season include June temperatures, lightning distribution, and the timing of rainfall in August as well as these larger driving weather patterns that create extended periods of hot/dry conditions, or cool/wet conditions.  T

Texas students to plant 10,000 trees in Bastrop State Park

In 2011, the Bastrop State Park in Bastrop County, Texas was scarred by a massive wildfire that destroyed 96% of the park, 32,000 acres of land and over 1,600 homes.  This February, Aggie Replant, a Texas A&M student organization, will return for a second year to help repopulate the damaged landscape in a multi-weekend effort to plant 10,000


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