Minnesota - Executive Director, Minnesota Forest Resource Council

This position serves as Executive Director of the Minnesota Forest Resource Council (MFRC), comprised of 17 members who are appointed by the Governor. The Council develops recommendations to the governor and to federal, state, county and local governments with respect to forest resource policies and practices that result in the sustainable management, use and protection of the state’s forest resources. The policies and practices must (1) acknowledge the interactions of complex sustainable forest resources, multiple ownership patterns and local to international economic forces; (2) give equal consideration to the long-term economic, ecological and social needs and limits of the state’s forest resources; (3) foster the productivity of the state’s forest to provide a diversity of sustainable benefits at site levels and landscape levels; (4) enhance the ability of the state’s forest resources to provide future benefits and services; (5) foster no net loss of forest land in Minnesota; (6) encourage appropriate mixes of forest cover types and age classes within landscapes to promote biological diversity and viable forest-dependent fish and wildlife habitats; (7) encourage collaboration and coordination with multiple constituencies in planning and managing the state’s forest resources; and (8) address the environmental impacts and implement mitigations as recommended in the generic environmental impact statement on timber harvesting.

Responsibilities include:providing executive leadership to the Minnesota Forest Resource Council and staff leadership required to coordinate multi-organizational responsibility for implementation of the Minnesota Sustainable Forest Resource Act (MSFRA) and to provide strategic direction to the development of policies and programs; actively monitor important statewide forest resource issues and provide special reviews that lead to recommendations to the Governor, to federal, state, county and local governments, and to citizens of the state; coordinate and provide strategic input to MSFRA requirements for forest resource information management and for public and professional forest resource education programs; design and implement special projects and work tasks as requested by the council chair and governor's office so that the Council continues to act on forestry issues important to the state.

To apply, go to http://www.mn.gov/careers. If you have questions about the position, contact Forrest Boe at forrest.boe@state.mn.us or 651.259.5615.\


Closing Date: September 5, 2017