2015 Resolutions

The following resolutions were approved on September 15, 2015 at the Annual Meeting in Olympic Valley, California.

Resolution 2015-01—Tax Reform. This resolution adopts the policy statement, “Tax Policy and its Relationship to Managing and Protecting the Nation’s Forest Resource.”            

Policy Statement 2015-01—Tax Reform. This policy statement was adopted by resolution 2015-01.

Resolution 2015-02—Endangered Species Act. This resolution adopts the policy statement, “Improving the Effectiveness of the Endangered Species Act.”

Policy Statement 2015-02—Endangered Species Act. This policy statement was adopted by resolution 2015-02.

Resolution 2015-03—Climate Change. This resolution adopts the policy statement, “Recommendations for Enhancing the Role of Forests in Climate Change Mitigation and Ecosystem Adaption to Climate Change.”

Policy Statement 2015-03—Climate Change. This policy statement was adopted by resolution 2015-03.             

Resolution 2015-04—Tree City USA 40th Anniversary. This resolution recognizes that Tree City USA®’s 40th anniversary is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the program’s successes and participants as well as highlight opportunities to increase Tree City USA® activities and membership.

Information Statement 2015-04—Tree City USA. This information statement outlines ways member states can celebrate Tree City USA®’s 40th anniversary.

Resolution 2015-05—Emerald Ash Borer. This resolution urges the USDA Forest Service working collaboratively with USDA APHIS, State Plant Regulatory Officials, and State Foresters within existing authorities to prepare and implement a comprehensive national EAB initiative strategic plan that addresses, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Resolution 2015-06—Forest Inventory & Analysis. This resolution adopts the “2015 State Forester Strategic Vision and Priorities for the Forest Inventory and Analysis Program.”       

Strategic Vision 2015-06—Forest Inventory & Analysis. This strategic vision was adopted by resolution 2015-06.

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