Update: Nevada’s Cohesive Strategy Summit

Friday, October 23, 2015

Nevada’s Cohesive Strategy Summit met September 29 to October 1, 2015.

The Cohesive Strategy planning committee (Federal, State and Local) developed a summit meeting of fire agencies, science community, policy makers, NGOs, members of Nevada’s Fire-adapted Community Network, mixed governmental agencies and public members with the intent to create specific action steps on what does the National Cohesive Strategy look like in Nevada. The goal was to take the national strategy and make it resonate with all Nevada stakeholders.

The first half day attended by 94 participants provided the Cohesive Strategy overview, success stories and the vision/science background.  At the end of the day, a social activity was held to begin relationship building among participants.  The second day involved breaking the audience into groups representing the three Cohesive Strategy tenets. 

These groups began to identify specific Nevada action items and went through three report out/feedback sessions so they could develop final action items.  The third day began with each group presenting their final action items and the planning group presented their general proposals including creating an oversight group (Nevada Fire Board/plus) to ensure that action items are followed up on.  The conclusion of the summit included feedback from a Governor’s cabinet member, the State Director for BLM and the USFS Regional Forester for Region 4.

The outside facilitator drafted the Summit’s action item recommendations and the planning group has scheduled the first review of action items by the Nevada Fire Board in early November.  

Feedback from this three day event was very positive and met the goal of creating a tangible face of the National Cohesive Strategy as it pertains to Nevada and building positive working relationships. 

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