Toronto urban forest public art installation campaign underway

Friday, October 9, 2015

Wouldn’t our neighborhoods be better if we just had more trees? That’s the question the Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests (LEAF), in partnership with the City of Toronto, want residents to ask themselves when they see its new public art campaign.

“We’re basically reaching out to Torontonians and asking them to imagine a greener Toronto,” said Janet McKay, the executive director of LEAF.

She said the concept behind the art that people will be seeing is to catch their attention with “something that seems different, or out of place.”

“It’s meant to draw the eye and at the same time get them to think, ‘Yeah there could be more trees in the city...wouldn’t it be amazing if more trees were popping up?’” she said.

The campaign, which launched Friday, Oct. 2, will run for next two weeks with various tree-inspired public art popping up around the city, including at TTC stations, McKay said. The campaign’s first public art installation is on the wall of the Parkdale Community Centre, 75 Lansdowne Ave. The image is of a tree’s shadow created with chalk and created by a Toronto-based artist, who McKay said wished to remain anonymous.

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